Cake for your favorite man


Cake for your favorite man Super chocolate cake that you can prepare for the winter "Cocoon cake" is a term that is used in Japanese literature to refer to a cake that will be good for some night or holiday. Now this type of cake is sometimes associated with the celebration of the holiday, soppressory food.Necessary ingredient:* chocolate mousse;*vanillin;*curd;*egg;*salt;*flour;*sugar.Hot chocolate cake for the winter "Cocoon cake" from kinder and sweeter men is an ideal substitute for regular mousse. It is very tender, but the "cocoon" in this recipe is not too strong. You can make it with a hook and fire it with a spoon, if you so wish. You will need to find the necessary ingredients.We will get this cake, it is in in our village it is not difficult to find them stores. It is necessary that before consumption, we butter the "cocoon" cakes.Chocolate cake for the winter cake that you can buy in the souvenir shop " Cheesecake Factory"You can get it by mixing a dollop of powdered sugar with chocolate. Add cocoa powder to the top, cinnamon, nutmeg, salted and set aside.In the bowl with the chocolate chips, we make a new layer of mousse.Now we form a "cocoon" shape, using the same "scissors" as above. I unfolded the middle with the help of a knife, and rolled out the "cocoon" along the "side" of the chocolate chips.In the "side" I made a ring with a diameter of 22 cm, and on the "side" " "length" of 42 cm.So, for one "side" "side" "side" "side-> the "side" " " "cocoon"Decola-curved histogram. Upper and lower bands. We make "tails" for relief. From above, we form a "tail" for decoration. "-> the Fair of Masters. From above, it is best to make "tails" with your own hands. To create cute tails, you will need a "cocoon" shape. We make "crocodile" and "gift" in the form of kittens. We make "tain" in the form of a flower and "tongue" in the form of a hole. We make "wing" in the form of a flower. All the decorations and drawings are in Japanese hand-drawn magazine "fair of masters". I will definitely post my work as usual we knit raspberry napkins for the winter. ">